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August 21, 2011

LHC aesthetics

Filed under: Physics — David @ 8:14 am

I’m researching the background to particle physics for a new book on the relationship between science and aesthetics. Two of the main theories currently being tested at the Large Hadron Collider project are the Higgs theory, and supersymmetry. The Higgs theory plays a vital role in the Standard Model of subatomic particles, and says that space is pervaded by a particle – the Higgs boson – which interacts with other particles in such a way that it gives them mass. Supersymmetry is a component of a Theory of Everything which unites all the forces and particles under a single theory.

My argument in the book is that many such theories are proposed on purely aesthetic grounds – but that the aesthetics are wrong. So, a couple of predictions.

First is that the Higgs boson doesn’t show up, at least exactly as expected. New data will be announced tomorrow (22 August) at Lepton-Photon 2011┬áso we’ll see.

Second, no supersymmetric particles will appear. Ever.

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