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April 27, 2015

Money is the Message – 2015 McLuhan Lecture

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McLuhan lecture video, from Transmediale in Berlin

December 15, 2014

transmediale Marshall McLuhan Lecture

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Looking forward to giving the Marshall McLuhan Lecture at the transmediale festival in Berlin next month. The talk will be called “Money is the Medium” and will follow up on McLuhan’s description of money as a social medium.

June 13, 2012

Climate Change and its Impact on Preservation Management of Archaeological Sites, Athens

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Talk on climate change and cultural heritage, Athens

Talk at roundtable on climate change and cultural heritage in Athens, April 2012.  Watch video

Breakthrough economics

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Talk at the Breakthough Capitalism Forum in London, May 29

April 20, 2012

Video of TEDx talk on prediction at Park Kultury, Moscow

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Theme of this event was Future 2112


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